Christians, Are You Sleeping?

I have a couple questions for the Christian communities. First of all, WTH? Are you all sleeping at the wheel or what? Christians are again being pursued and attacked from all fronts and I am hearing nothing from the christian communities. Is apathy so strong in the churches of America today that they no longer care, that God doesn’t matter, that the Lord is our only salvation to the calamity occuring in this country. Are we just to sit back and let the islamic religion take over and change everything that this country was built on? Are you not concerned with God dropping his protection of America because America has taken God out of the public eye and going even so far as to say we cannot even mention God in public because we might offend somebody. Well, let me tell you, I AM OFFENDED. I expected more from the Christian community. There are supposed Christians in the government, so what are they doing? What are YOU doing? What are you teaching your children by your apathy and inaction, are they not worth saving? I don’t get it, the muslims and islamics have made it perfectly clear what they want, they want the Christian faith to die. They are working to that end and apparently with no opposition, at least in the US there doesn’t seem to be. We all know by now that the obama admin. has no regard for what this country was founded on. They only want to enslave this free nation of ours. We Christians have been taught tolerence of other faiths, and I respect their choices, but I also demand that my faith be respected and allowed, especially since this country was created UNDER GOD and all the rights and liberties afforded us with the Bible, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Federal officials, military, law enforcement, congress even the president ALL swore oaths UNDER GOD to protect, SERVE, and PRESERVE the rights and liberties that are promised to us by God and the Constitution of America. I asked my mother, what are your church’s thoughts on todays current events, and she answered that they are praying for a revival. Which is great, but it’s not enough, Churches need to get out and talk to the public, make them aware, you cannot have a revivial if nobody knows about it. Wake up People!!


Freedom in America

Is freedom in America gone? No, I don’t believe it is…YET! But slowly but surely we are losing everything this country stands for. Where’s the justice, the liberty, the free speech, our right to bear arms, our right to fair hearings. the right to religion, where did it all go? Wake up people, we are losing everything. This great country of ours is falling apart, and it’s from the inside not from outside sources, though they will soon take advantage of all this upheaval in the country.

Since when did we become a police state? What is No Free Speech Zones? Why is it we can no longer speak out against the government without getting arrested for treason or as a terrorist? Why are the police and other government angencies allowed to search and size whatever they deem without due process or reasonable cause? Why is the government trying to separtate the people, to start race issues? Why are we raciest for simply asking for explanations to the corruption of our government?

President Obama (and I use the term loosely) has brought in other countries to dictate our laws? WTF is that about? What about him taking our rights as women to control what we decide to do with our bodies and minds? How can doctors do live abortions, just because some madman deemed it okay? How come the government is buying up billions, that’s right, BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition, yet taking guns from legal law abiding americans, for OUR good or their’s? There is so much more that can be said but I will leave it at this for now so that you can ponder some of these guestions. Please let everyone here your opinions and perhaps then more and more will stand and say ENOUGH!! God bless this nation of ours and her people.