2016 Dream Team?

I read a news letter today and the dem. have done gone off the deep end this time. Let me back up a second, We know that BO is shooting for a 3rd term (God save us), well apparently if this doesn’t fly they have a new “dream team”…Hilary Clinton & Michelle Obama. Yes, you may now laugh your as* off or vomit. Let’s start this off with a couple facts about these two cows, Clinton aka Hitlary, aka man hater…She is a known lair and her insensitivity to the grieving and due to her inaction (among others) is an accomplice to murder, terrorism and treason ( Benghazi). She has yet to impress me with anything she’s ever done.(just my personal opinion). Then there’s Moochelle. This woman is a racist, (remember her black power shirt, the gang signs & using the race card to avoid answering questions that question her conduct and free spending on themselves, the 10+ vactions at taxpayers dollars. Not to mention that she is a criminal, remember she was disbarred and convicted of embezlling. She has 26 servants (she can’t even dress herself) although it looks like Bo choose some) She proclaimed that for 44 yrs she was ashamed to be an American (got good when hubby made it). She has no more ethics than BO and is also a lair. Do the democratic party think that we Americans are that stupid that we’d put anyone like those two in office? Hell, they need to be arrested and tried for their crimes and then put where they belong. Talk about taking America down, if it survives Obuma, then they’d kill it for sure.


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