Michelle “Mooch” Obama

I have issues with this first lady, and I use that term lightly, because frankly I have never seen another first lady act as she has. She calls anyone who questions her & her hubby actions and comments a racist. How the hell is trying to find out the truth and complain about their actions as racist. If we were so racist, he wouldn’t be president. What about her sporting black power clothes? Isn’t that a racist statement?  As to her keep moving kids program, I think she is full of shit. If exercise is so important then why does she need 26 servants just for her, her hair, makeup, clothes, waking the freckin dog. Can’t she dress herself? They spend 104,000.00 on a dog walker, please give us a break. 10 Vacations in less than 4 years, all paid for by US the taxpayer. What did they spend 1.4 billion on? I have never heard of a first lady who scorns America and it’s people. She even stated that had never been proud to be an American UNTIL her hubby got elected. And what about her criminal past? Why wasn’t that disclosed during first election, that goes for his royal hinny as well. I mean if it walks like a bitch and talks like a bitch then it must be a bitch. She needs to take lessons on how to be a woman and a first lady.



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