What more do you need?

I have been watching, reading and talking. All the evidence is there, the proof is in front of us. The terror increases, the death toll rises. Our rights are being stripped from us one at a time. Lies upon lies are burying us as a country. Children are being brainwashed in schools, Women are losing their right to defend themselves, Hero’s are being killed. Our enemy is being armed by our government to use against us.  We are being punished, killed and imprisoned for our faith. Racism is being spread to distract us from the real issues. So my question is this… What more do you need to finally say That’s it, enough is enough? What are we afraid of? We are a strong nation, who has forgotten the reason this country was created. Are you not worried about being enslaved, killed, sterlized, imprisoned, and played the fools. How is it we can allow obama and his coons to continue? What more do you need to say ENOUGH! Listen people, we have laws, rights and means, so it’s time to stand and say I am not taking it anymore?


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