2016 Dream Team?

I read a news letter today and the dem. have done gone off the deep end this time. Let me back up a second, We know that BO is shooting for a 3rd term (God save us), well apparently if this doesn’t fly they have a new “dream team”…Hilary Clinton & Michelle Obama. Yes, you may now laugh your as* off or vomit. Let’s start this off with a couple facts about these two cows, Clinton aka Hitlary, aka man hater…She is a known lair and her insensitivity to the grieving and due to her inaction (among others) is an accomplice to murder, terrorism and treason ( Benghazi). She has yet to impress me with anything she’s ever done.(just my personal opinion). Then there’s Moochelle. This woman is a racist, (remember her black power shirt, the gang signs & using the race card to avoid answering questions that question her conduct and free spending on themselves, the 10+ vactions at taxpayers dollars. Not to mention that she is a criminal, remember she was disbarred and convicted of embezlling. She has 26 servants (she can’t even dress herself) although it looks like Bo choose some) She proclaimed that for 44 yrs she was ashamed to be an American (got good when hubby made it). She has no more ethics than BO and is also a lair. Do the democratic party think that we Americans are that stupid that we’d put anyone like those two in office? Hell, they need to be arrested and tried for their crimes and then put where they belong. Talk about taking America down, if it survives Obuma, then they’d kill it for sure.

Michelle “Mooch” Obama

I have issues with this first lady, and I use that term lightly, because frankly I have never seen another first lady act as she has. She calls anyone who questions her & her hubby actions and comments a racist. How the hell is trying to find out the truth and complain about their actions as racist. If we were so racist, he wouldn’t be president. What about her sporting black power clothes? Isn’t that a racist statement?  As to her keep moving kids program, I think she is full of shit. If exercise is so important then why does she need 26 servants just for her, her hair, makeup, clothes, waking the freckin dog. Can’t she dress herself? They spend 104,000.00 on a dog walker, please give us a break. 10 Vacations in less than 4 years, all paid for by US the taxpayer. What did they spend 1.4 billion on? I have never heard of a first lady who scorns America and it’s people. She even stated that had never been proud to be an American UNTIL her hubby got elected. And what about her criminal past? Why wasn’t that disclosed during first election, that goes for his royal hinny as well. I mean if it walks like a bitch and talks like a bitch then it must be a bitch. She needs to take lessons on how to be a woman and a first lady.


Christians, Are You Sleeping?

I have a couple questions for the Christian communities. First of all, WTH? Are you all sleeping at the wheel or what? Christians are again being pursued and attacked from all fronts and I am hearing nothing from the christian communities. Is apathy so strong in the churches of America today that they no longer care, that God doesn’t matter, that the Lord is our only salvation to the calamity occuring in this country. Are we just to sit back and let the islamic religion take over and change everything that this country was built on? Are you not concerned with God dropping his protection of America because America has taken God out of the public eye and going even so far as to say we cannot even mention God in public because we might offend somebody. Well, let me tell you, I AM OFFENDED. I expected more from the Christian community. There are supposed Christians in the government, so what are they doing? What are YOU doing? What are you teaching your children by your apathy and inaction, are they not worth saving? I don’t get it, the muslims and islamics have made it perfectly clear what they want, they want the Christian faith to die. They are working to that end and apparently with no opposition, at least in the US there doesn’t seem to be. We all know by now that the obama admin. has no regard for what this country was founded on. They only want to enslave this free nation of ours. We Christians have been taught tolerence of other faiths, and I respect their choices, but I also demand that my faith be respected and allowed, especially since this country was created UNDER GOD and all the rights and liberties afforded us with the Bible, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Federal officials, military, law enforcement, congress even the president ALL swore oaths UNDER GOD to protect, SERVE, and PRESERVE the rights and liberties that are promised to us by God and the Constitution of America. I asked my mother, what are your church’s thoughts on todays current events, and she answered that they are praying for a revival. Which is great, but it’s not enough, Churches need to get out and talk to the public, make them aware, you cannot have a revivial if nobody knows about it. Wake up People!!

As discussed in a prior post, I favor the adoption of a constitutional amendment to eliminate the Electoral College for the election of our President and Vice President and instead to have direct election of those offices by national popular vote. But that amendment has not been adopted. Thus, we are stuck with the Electoral College for the presidential election in 2016 and thereafter.

In anticipation of 2016 the Republican Party is concocting a flimflam scheme to rig the Electoral College so that a Republican candidate could be elected president even though he or she was a clear loser in the national popular vote.

This scheme is being organized by the Republican State Leadership Committee and its Redistricting Majority Project, or REDMAP.

In states whose legislatures are controlled by Republicans, but whose voters favored President Obama in 2012, Republican legislators and party officials are developing legislation to allocate those…

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Okay, just how stupid are Dems.? Well, there is Maxine Waters, she said; “Over 170 million jobs will be lost due to sequester.” Another one said that 300 million jobs will be lost. Okay, lets break this down a wee bit. First off, the entire population of America is about 300 million people. As to the 170 million jobs…that is still beefed up to scare us. But think about it…300 million population, how many of that is children, seniors, disabled, unemployed? My guess is that the entire work force in America doesn’t total 170 million. That would be over half the population. Does this mean that no one in America is working?  That would mean that the government is also laid off (now, that’s a good idea), so who’s in charge? They need to stop lying about what the real numbers are. And frankly, I would rather see the 85 billion dollar across the board in cuts than see 300 billion in more taxes. Just my opinion. Peace and blessings on all.